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Are you looking to add more magick and meaning to your life?

It's time to level up - let's sprinkle

some magick into your everyday life!


Are you ready to dip your toes into the
enchanting world of herbs and magick?

Welcome to your magick journey! 

My Manifestation Membership, Tea Magick class, and Tarot course offer amazing tools for busy people who want education that fits their lifestyle. Explore my Magick Resource today and add a spark of magick into your life!

Begin your magickal journey...


Manifest Your Year

Magickal Monthly Membership

Join the Manifest Your Year Membership and learn how to *witch* your way through the year! Every month you'll receive creative, helpful lessons in manifesting the life you desire. Learn how to use Tarot, Astrology, herbal allies, and spell work alongside other spiritually minded resources to make manifestation magic. No matter where you are on your journey as a witch - whether beginner or advanced  - there is something for everyone in this exciting container. Plus with 12 months of spell-binding goodness, you're sure to be empowered with each step of your magickal path with live, monthly group sessions. Jump into your journey and manifest all that you wish to create throughout the year! Open to join any time.

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Tea Spells

Tea Magick for Manifestation

Tea spells are a unique way to bring magickal elements into your everyday life. It harnesses the power of herbs and plants to create rituals that evoke your intents, goals, and dreams. You can use these practices for any kind of magick-making- from strengthening connections with devoted allies, to working on manifesting your desires into reality. Steeping yourself in positive vibrations while creating a powerful ritual of manifestation is a wonderful way to connect with yourself and with the energies around you. Take pleasure with each sip you take, knowing these tools are deeply fortifying yourself within the world of magick!


The Root of Tarot

The Foundation of Tarot

Have you been interested in exploring Tarot, but feel overwhelmed by the complex meanings and interpretations of the cards? Then *this* course is the perfect one to help you get started! You don’t need to be an experienced seer or psychic intuitive to understand Tarot – with the right guidance and practice, anyone can learn how to use this form of divination as a tool for self-care and advice. This course will provide you with the basic fundamentals of Tarot, and offer strategies on developing your intuition in order to discover hidden answers through its ancient wisdom.

Client success stories

"Heather's teachings showed me how to understand and remember the significance of each card without having to memorize each one."

Heather's Holistic Tarot course was one of the best things I have ever done for myself! I have always been interested in tarot and wanted to be able to read the cards without having to look up the meanings. Heather's teachings showed me how to understand and remember the significance of each card without having to memorize each one. Now I use my tarot deck daily and it has been an amazing addition to my self-care routine! As a bonus, Heather is such an incredible, empathetic human who wants to make sure you love tarot as much as her. Heather dedicated time outside of class to make sure we were on track and was always available to answer questions. If you have been debating about taking this class--you need to book it now!


Please feel free to break this up or take chunks out! Whatever is most helpful to you :) Thank you again for giving me such a gift!


Meg M.

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