How To Avoid Online Scammers: What You Need to Know

I feel compelled to address this looming issue of scam artists using my name - and the names of other wellness people in the industry - to scam our friends, family, and community into sending them money. I am frustrated and angry that my name is being used to defraud people.

To those of you who follow me or others in our community, beware of fake accounts! These clone accounts are popping up faster than we can report them. One of the dumbest moves of these scammers is contacting my existing following which is made up of mostly my friends, family and clients who know I would never badger them or write in stupidly vague messages in improper English with no punctuation (my favorite English teacher taught me better than that!).

So let me say this:

1. I will not be making any new accounts in the near future.

If you get a friend request from me or Tea & Tarot, it is NOT real. We only have two accounts - @TheTeaTarotWitch and our shop