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Imbolc: Welcoming the Light with a Community Altar

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Since the first time I visited Tea & Tarot in spring of 2021, my first impressions were of a positive vibe and a wonderful community that Heather and the team have built and supported. That community continues to develop, and one of my favorite aspects of it is the community altar in the shop's apothecary.

The first time I participated in the community altar was at Samhain, by contributing a poem in honor of my late father. Then, for Yule, Victoria and I led the development of the decorations for that season's altar.

This morning, we came in early to clear the old altar decorations away and create the Imbolc altar.

"I love that we decorate this for each season," Victoria said just now as we snapped a few photos of our Imbolc altar.

I couldn't agree more.

What is Imbolc?