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Tarot Boundaries & Ethics

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Tarot Boundaries & Ethics

Tarot can be an amazing and powerful tool for guidance! But it has also been misused to scare and prey on the vulnerable. When watching The Con recently with my wife, Johanna, the show had an episode called “The Psychic Con,” that described horrible incidents where con artists used the Tarot, and other divination tools to extort large amounts of money from grieving people. I was disgusted; it angered me that people would twist this art into a scheme, and worst of all, take advantage of people who are already hurting so much. Disgusting!

It hit me that I needed to speak up about why what I do is different from these scam artists. I’ve been to cheap tarot readers who have lured me in with low prices and tricks, only to push me hard for more money or tell me that I was cursed and needed them to lift it with expensive candles or ritual. Luckily, I never went deep down the path with any of them.

I know one of these women is still active in South Norwalk, CT where I went for a reading about six years ago and met her a year before that when she was set up in Old Saybrook, CT. At the time, I wasn't a reader and I didnt know all these scammy tricks. She told me I needed to pay hundreds of dollars to heal my broken heart after a break up. Looking back, I should have gotten up and left. When you’re hurting, you don’t give it as much thought as you should. A broken heart will do anything to heal.

I realized after watching this show that it was critical for me to write my own Code of Ethics for myself and the readers I welcome into my shop. I know the value this form of guidance can have when used appropriately and no one should ever feel pressured or scared while in a reading. If you visit my shop, I want you to feel safe. I have written the Do’s and Don’t of what a Tarot Reader should and shouldn’t do.


What a Tarot Reader should not do:

  • Tarot is for guidance purposes. While intuitive and psychic readers can be quite gifted, they may not always be correct. Take mental note of what feels right to you and leave anything that doesn’t. Please remember that we can’t guarantee results. We do not claim responsibility for any actions taken post-reading, as all human beings operate under free will.