Wandmaking: A May Day Witchy Activity

Haven't we all dreamt of waving a magick wand and clearing away some clutter or giving us the job, relationship, home, car, vacation of our dreams? Hollywood may depict magick wands working this way, but even though they don't and we can't levitate our piles of books back onto the bookshelf, they can still add magick to our lives... even more so if we craft them ourselves.

I made my magick wand from a stick that had drifted ashore out of Long Island Sound, here in Madison, CT. I passed the stick the first time on a walk and thought, "That'd make a fabulous wand, especially for a sea witch like me." I decided if it was still there when I returned, I'd ask the beach if I could keep it and use it.

Well, despite the highly populated beach, the stick was still in the same place, nestled between two boulders. I left the path I was on and asked the beach and Universe if I could have it to enhance my magick. I felt a resounding sense of peace and gratitude, so I collected the stick and took it home.

I already had two wands, but I'd purchased them. This new wand was going to be special, because I was going to imbue it with everything important to me. It became a wand focused on creative energy, and in the time since I made and began using it, I published my debut novel. I'm not saying the wand was entirely responsible for that, or that I waved it about and instantly had a publishable book in my hands. I still had to do a ton of work, but the result definitely felt magickal.