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Tranquility Tonic: Fatigue & Stress Relief

Tranquility Tonic: Fatigue & Stress Relief


Introducing Tranquility Tonic, the ultimate elixir for fatigue and stress relief.


We know life can be stressful and the demands of our daily routine can leave us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. That's why we've formulated this elixier to help you find the calm and energy you need to face each day with renewed strength.


From the moment you take your first drop, you will feel the benefits of working with Reishi (Ganoderna lucidum) mushrooms. Reishi has been known to help the body adapt to stress, support the immune system, and reduce overall inflammation in the body!


Bonus? Pair with our "Feeling Blue: Anxiety and Stress Relief" Tea and get twice the support!


Ideal Dosage: Take a full dropper each day.


INGREDIENTS: Reishi (Ganoderna lucidum), Vodka, 

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