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Feeling stuck?
Are you ready to make a profound change in your life?

Get ready for radical transformation! I am excited to go on your wellness journey with you!

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Ready to level up and start taking meaningful action in your life?

It starts with you. Are you ready to take action?

Hey Love! I’m Heather, the owner of an herbal wellness boutique called Tea & Tarot in Madison, CT. As a Certified Wellness Coach and Herbalist, I wove my knowledge into services to help support the mind, body and spirit in a unique way. 


In my Herbal Witch’s Cottage, I offer wellness products and services for the mind, body & spirit. I  have  8+ years of experience as an Holistic Tarot Practitioner, with a focus on Herbal Tarot. My approach to Tarot aims to move the reputation of the tarot from a “party trick” to holistic therapy for emotional healing. Early on, I found that many of my readings would surface deep and challenging topics, often leaving clients feeling lost as to what were the next steps. There was a gap between the work I was doing with my clients and their path to healing afterward.


Realizing there was an opportunity to pair the physical, energetic and spiritual attributes of the plants with the Tarot, I started creating pairings like herbal tea and flower essences with my client’s readings. I found my clients felt more empowered to can continue their healing process even after their reading and would often follow up later noting their relief and satisfaction. 


I am excited for you to work with you whiter you want support with relationships, career, wellness or even grief. I look forward to supporting your wellness transformation!

Let's do this together...


Herbal Witch
Tarot Reading

Whether you're seeking direction in your career, love life, or personal growth journey, Heather's readings will provide the gentle guidance you need to find your path. But her readings are more than just divination - they also include a personalized herbal tea blend or flower essence potion based on the plant energies discovered in your reading. This way, you can take the guidance you receive in your reading and incorporate it into your daily life.


Grief Guidance
Oracle Reading

If you've ever experienced the pain of losing someone close to you, you know how overwhelming grief can be. It's easy to feel lost and helpless in the midst of such raw emotions. This powerful session is designed to help guide you through the grieving process, providing you with insight, understanding, and comfort when you need it most. We end each session with a candle and an offering for your loved one. 


Glow Up
Transformation Sessions

This is for my Badass Babes who want to shine!


Are you ready to transform your life and radiate confidence from within?! It's time to release the negative energy that's been holding you back and embrace the positive opportunities that await you. With an open mind & heart, you can embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


This is 3 live sessions to create a customized plan for deep and radiant transformation over the next 90 days. This plan may include oracle, herbal, & beauty support to glow up into the best version of yourself!


Client success stories

"I  couldn’t believe the accuracy of where I was in life and all of my dreams I am going for were all in the reading without me saying a word.. "

When I walked into Tea & Tarot, I was enveloped in love, harmony and a feeling of belonging in this unique and amazing sanctuary. The smells, the immediate offer of amazing tea and smiles made me feel right at home.  I was on pins and needles to meet Heather, the owner, to do my reading. When I met Heather, I felt I was in the presence of a goddess. Her eyes connected with mine and her heart made me feel so quickly comfortable.


My reading was so deeply rooted in my life and I couldn’t believe the accuracy of where I was in life and all of my dreams I am going for were all in the reading without me saying a word. Heather is an empath and so intuitive and this, combined with her deep experience with Tarot, made my experience incredibly helpful, eye opening, and motivating. You know, kind of showing me a few blind spots that were not only empowering yet also legitimately important.


Heather and her sanctuary, Tea & Tarot, are a gift to our community. An empowerment tool we should all partake in and utilize in our lives regularly. I do it and it is an essential companion for me now.

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Patricia K.

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