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Holisitic Readers
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Holistic Readings

We offer a variety of different readers to meet your needs. Our goal is to provide intuitive guidance with a personalized touch. Each reader has their own style and their own set of skills. Browse the list of readers below to find the right fit for you.

Get help making a decision
Reflect on recent personal events
Nourish your soul, begin a new self care journey

Meet Our Readers

Herbal Tarot
Image by Kira auf der Heide

Herbal Tarot Reading

with Heather

Tea and Tarot: Two symbols of worldly wisdom. When these two realms collide, they create deep and insightful readings that can help you on your journey to self-discovery. As a tarot practitioner and herbalist, Heather blends those two passions together with the goal of leading you towards greater wisdom about your life's journey. Utilizing the rich symbolism of tarot as well as its long history, she guides you on a personal expedition towards the answers you seek. Heather takes traditional card reading and pairs it with herbal tea or flower essence so you can take the energy of your reading home.

Supportive guidance for decision making
A personal expidition guided in a safe space
Reflect on your reading while enjoying a personalized tea blend at home
30 Minutes ........... $75 
60 Minutes ............ $125  
90 Minutes ............... $175
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How it works
my process


Reach out

Use our convenient online scheduling system to book the reader that is right for you! Need help deciding? Feel free to email us.


Your Reading

Come on in and get comfortable in our space while we serve you some tea. Sit with your reader and get the most from your session in this supporitve environment.


What's Next?

Take the pearls of wisdom from your reading and apply them to your life. Leave feeling deeper connection to your intuition. Come back when you are ready to get another reading!

Ready to schedule your session?

Client success stories

"My reading was so deeply rooted in my life and I couldn’t believe the accuracy..."

When I walked into Tea & Tarot, I was enveloped in love, harmony and a feeling of belonging in this unique and amazing sanctuary. The smells, the immediate offer of amazing tea and smiles made me feel right at home.  I was on pins and needles to meet Heather, the owner, to do my reading. When I met Heather, I felt I was in the presence of a goddess. Her eyes connected with mine and her heart made me feel so quickly comfortable.


My reading was so deeply rooted in my life and I couldn’t believe the accuracy of where I was in life and all of my dreams I am going for were all in the reading without me saying a word. Heather is an empath and so intuitive and this, combined with her deep experience with Tarot, made my experience incredibly helpful, eye opening, and motivating. You know, kind of showing me a few blind spots that were not only empowering yet also legitimately important.


Heather and her sanctuary, Tea & Tarot, are a gift to our community. An empowerment tool we should all partake in and utilize in our lives regularly. I do it and it is an essential companion for me now.



Become a Reader

Would you like to be a reader
at Tea & Tarot?

Tea & Tarot is looking for guest readers to do in-person readings at our shop in Madison, CT! If you are a Tarot or Oracle Reader, Medium, Astrology, or any other kind of intuitive niche reader, we are interested in talking to you.

*This is a commission based arrangement, not a salaried position.

Or reach out to us at

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